Penny Slots Featuring Ellen DeGeneres Are A Hit In America

Feb 18

Penny Slots Featuring Ellen DeGeneres Are A Hit In America

With the innovation of computer graphics and video slots the themes have begun to expand quite a bit, with varying degrees of success. Recently several California casinos have added two new games to their floor that feature the one and only Ellen DeGeneres. The celebrity talk show host and actress is featured on the slot machines as a caricature who dances, sings, and interacts with the player.

In addition to the animation of Ellen DeGeneres, herself, the slot machines offer a lot of great side-games that are directly based off of segments on her television show. One side game lets the players spin a wheel just as guests do on her “Wheel of Riches” segment. Another game gives the player a chance to earn a bonus in the “Know or Go Bonus,” which allows the player to choose randomly as virtual contestants are eliminated from a virtual trivia game that she often features on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The penny slots have been placed in several casinos in the northern part of the state of California, a favorite vacation destination for many across America and around the world. In addition to being favored by here fans and the viewers of her talk show, the new Ellen DeGeneres slot machines have another thing going for them: they provide some of the best graphics and create side games that function in ways that are more advanced than most slots. Because they’re based on such well founded technology and they contain such a popular character, the penny slots have been quite a hit.

Although they are currently only available at a handful of casinos and resorts in northern California, their growing popularity bodes well for the potential to expand. It might not be too long before Ellen’s likeness is able to be found in slot machines around the world.