High Stakes Gambling the Thrills and the Risks

Mar 28

High Stakes Gambling the Thrills and the Risks

High stakes gambling is the activity of betting large amounts of money on wager games. And a person who generally bets high amounts of money for his games is known as a ‘high roller‘. Even though high rollers account for only a tiny fraction of casino fun, there are often high bet limits at certain tables in a casino reserved for such thrill lovers. If you can relate the high roller character to yourself or to you friend, here are a few things you must know before you get too deep into trouble :

The thrills

Apart from the fact that you might lose huge amount of money at once, high stake gambling does come with some perks of its own. Such gamblers are often provided exclusive tables at casinos and are treated better than other lower and lower-middle class gamblers.

Many casinos offer credit extension to some high stake gamblers and even offer rebates on losses or betting turnover. Adding on, some casinos even go till the extent of providing incentives to its employees, just to bring high stake gamblers to the casino.

The risks

Gamblers who spend extravagantly just to have a good time at the casino or to win more and more are often the ones who suffer the biggest loses. High stake gamblers lose huge amounts of money and get disappointed about it later. In fact, some high rollers lose even more money than they have already, in order to win back the amount that they lost.

It might lead to situations where they just keep losing more and more. The situation may carry on till the they see bankruptcy. Their health starts suffering, they start feeling like a loser and misplace all motivation. Excessive financial loss may lead to anxiety and stress disorders as well.