No Deposit Casino Promotions: What Are the Odds?

Nov 13

No Deposit Casino Promotions: What Are the Odds?

At its very core, every online slots for money promotion is a marketing strategy. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with it – it’s only fair.

But what do you, as an online gambler or enthusiast, need to know about these purported ‘no deposit promotions’?

Let’s try to find out!

Not Every ‘no deposit’ promotion is a scam!

It’s good to be skeptical. However, it must be understood that not every online casino that offers ‘no deposit’ promotional credits is out there to scam online gamblers – far from it.

Casino promotions are meant not only to attract players, but also to engage them. They help new players to get acclimatized with games and how the system works. In a way, we can look at such promotions as ‘incentives’.

There are many reputable online casinos – William Hill Casino, Bet365, Gala Coral and Paddy Power, just to name a few – that run regular ‘no deposit’ promotion campaigns. The difference between them and other questionable outfits lies in the fact that reputable casinos clearly state the rules of promotion, while not-so-reputable ones don’t.

‘No Deposit’ promotions and underlying contingencies

All ‘no deposit’ promotions have certain terms and conditions attached to them. It’s good to get to know them before diving right in and getting disappointed later on.

  • No casino allows for the ‘withdrawal’ of promotional credits. They can only be used to play/pay for services offered by the casino.
  • Promotional credits expire within a few weeks of activation.

Most ‘no deposit’ promotions are applicable only upon successful verification of identity and address of the player, as provided while completing the registration.