About Us

Get to know the Guides…

The concept for Greenzebraguide.com was always a dream of mine. I’m Andy Spencer, a 36-year old resident of Toronto who’s never wanted to leave. My vision was to document all the things about this area that mean something special to me. My friend, Melissa Franks, was eager to join me. We teamed up to create a guide about the hidden treasures that can be discovered when exploring Toronto by foot.

We are both lifelong residents of Toronto who have been inspired by community activism to have an impact on the social and economic standings of our great city. We’ve witnessed events that have brought neighbours together, and we’ve joined campaigns to help generate tourism. We are excited to provide a unique perspective on exploring this amazing city and we also want to pass the good stuff along.

Our Goal

Our goal in putting this website together is to bring our beloved parts of Toronto to the attention of others. We want people to create their own individual memories based on the suggestions we’ve made. We also respect people’s differences, and because of that, we have included a variety of data geared toward various personalities and possible interests. We want to highlight Toronto by foot and our favourite areas using this platform as a one-stop destination.

Check us out here at Greenzebraguide.com for the latest news and events, plus information about attractions, restaurants, new online casinos 2021, and things to explore. We know there are locals who haven’t examined the many nooks and crannies of the landscape, so our audience includes our neighbours as well as new friends who are thinking of visiting. Please join us in sharing your favourite places and inspiring stories. We’d love to know more.