Why should Toronto become a cultural powerhouse?

The answer lies in its history and heritage. Torontonians love their city for a variety of reasons, from the great neighbourhoods (don’t miss Little Italy), to the arts and festivals. Plus, it has some of the coolest things to do and see. Some say that Toronto is the country’s biggest melting pot, incorporating cultures from around the globe. For those who want to live the Canadian dream, there are plenty of opportunities for young professionals looking to start. If you want to learn more about our city, we’ve compiled these 11 facts to get you started.

Home to the World’s Biggest Outdoor Show: 

Canada’s Wonderland, an amusement park just north of the city centre, hosts one of North America’s largest indoor shows every year. It was once dubbed “the Disneyland of Canada” – which isn’t too far off. There are rides for everyone!

A Great Place To Raise Kids:

 Being close to Lake Ontario means lots of fresh water and seafood. It also means that children can go swimming with ease. With so many parks and public spaces within walking distance, it’s easy to keep kids active. Plus, being located at the end of the subway line makes commuting a breeze.

Foodies Love This City Too: 

From world-class restaurants like Masa’s sake kitchen, Sushi Roku and Kyo Ya, to smaller neighbourhood eateries serving up mouthwatering eats, there’s no shortage of dining options. Whether it’s upscale American cuisine or classic Chinese dishes, foodies will find what they’re searching for.

We Have the Best Public Transit System in North America: 

Not only does the TTC make getting around easy, but it’s affordable too. And if you want to take your pick from multiple lines, there’s always something going on.

Our History Is Stunning: 

You don’t have to be a history buff to appreciate the beauty of Toronto’s rich past. From the Royal Botanical Gardens to Casa Loma, there is no shortage of awe-inspiring historic sites.

We Like to Party…A Lot!: 

No other Canadian city can pull off New Year’s Eve as well as Toronto. Bars around town are packed all night long as revellers celebrate the new year. But, after the fireworks show, the party continues into the wee hours.

…And We Love Our Sports Fans Too!:

 Soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball — you name it, we’ve got it here. Even though most sports fans claim Toronto as home turf, the Raptors are making a name for themselves. The Blue Jays haven’t been too shabby either.

We Are One Of The Most Educated Cities In North America: 

Want to know why? Because we invest in education and research right across the board. Universities abound, especially in downtown Toronto.

We Love Art As Much As Food: 

Toronto houses hundreds of galleries and museums dedicated to celebrating various forms of art and culture. While the Gardiner Museum in the Distillery District features modern pieces, the Royal Ontario Museum offers everything from ancient Greek sculptures to Egyptian mummies.

We Love Music, Too: 

From indie rock clubs to massive amphitheatres, there’s never a lack of places to hear live music. See our picks for the best concerts in town.

We Have So Many Festivals, They Can Be Hard To Keep Up With: 

Every weekend brings something fun and exciting to Toronto. Here are some of our favourite events, including festivals, fairs and celebrations.

 We Love An Active Workout:

 If you need proof that this city knows how to work hard, look no further than its collection of fitness centres. Whether you prefer classes and personal training sessions or simply hitting the weights, working out is never a chore. ​

Our Neighbourhoods Aren’t Just for Living On:

 Did you know there are a whole bunch of neighbourhoods in Toronto? All kinds of people call them home, from students to artists, families to professionals. Check out these diverse pockets of town to see where you might want to settle down.

We Have the Coolest Street Decorations: 

No other place comes close to Toronto when it comes to street decorations. Take a peek at some of our favourites.

We Offer Amazing Outdoor Spaces: 

Let’s face it: living in an urban centre means you’ll spend more time indoors. Luckily, Toronto has plenty of outdoor spaces where you can enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

 We Offer Great Accommodations At A Reasonable Price: 

There’s nothing better than waking up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your day. And with so many hotels in Toronto, you can easily find one that meets those needs.

We Have Awesome Entertainment Options For Everyone:

 From comedy to musical theatre, film to dance, Toronto offers something for everyone. Plus, the TIFF Bell Lightbox provides excellent cinema choices.


It just wouldn’t be Toronto without some friendly faces around. You don’t have to speak any particular language to get by in the Big Smoke. Many locals who aren’t fluent in English still manage to communicate effectively, thanks in part to all the great signs in the city.