Tourist Must Do’s

There are things about Toronto that are particular attractions for individuals, and then there are those things that are a must for everybody.

If you are a vacationing tourist, here is a list of five events and attractions that you need to plan to check out while out discovering Toronto by foot.

    1. Canada Day: This summertime celebration brings together locals and guests who want to experience residents’ love of their nation and devotion to their country. The festival features crowds, events, shows, and, music that honors Canada on a national level.
    2. Holiday Season: The holiday season is a special time of year for Canadians. Come visit us during the cold November and December months and ditch the walking shoes for ice skates. Travelers and locals love the lights and chilly air that highlight winter holiday celebrations. Enjoy festive lights, parades, and a feeling of family.
    3. Island Exploration: The ferry ride out to the Islands is a must when visiting Toronto by foot. The guided tours are rich in information that is designed to teach everyone all there is to know about the origins of Toronto, as well as bits about Canada. Spend the day on Lake Ontario, immersed in knowledge by the water.
    4. Downtown: Revitalization has fueled a booming playground in the downtown districts of Toronto. Be a part of the culture that lives in the many restaurants of this area. Search Toronto by foot, and seek out the different tastes of Canada in the many options for dining. See new and exciting worlds of art and culture as you embrace the heritages of different communities.
    5. The PATH: The underground walkway, known as the PATH, is a landmark of Toronto that is famous for many reasons. It is a covered walking space that was built under the earth hundreds of years ago. Today it is home to new food experiences and merchants. The design keeps people who travel by foot protected from the elements. This unique feature is unlike any other and is a one-of-a-kind attraction.